Applique Designs are our top area of expertise. Due to our many years of experience. And also our strict quality control which guarantees you consistent results.

We use the mark-out, tack-down and satin finish method. Mark-out is a single running stitch outline which shows you where to place the applique fabric.

Tack-down is two parallel running stitch outlines which fix the fabric in place. This double line is super helpful. It speeds up the trimming process, because even if you snip a few outer stitches , the inner ones still hold the fabric securely.

And finally, the satin finish stitch is closely controlled to ensure sufficient width on all size designs. Furthermore , we maintain these parameters across our entire collection. So you get continuity in appearance and functionality , from one design to the next.

We create our applique designs for streamlined production. No long jumps. Or thread breaks. No stitch gaps. Or compensation issues. Just top quality stitching every time.

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