Open Stitch

Open Stitch embroidery designs are designs which allow the fabric to show through in one or more places. For example , lettering stitched directly onto a garment is an open stitch design because the fabric shows through between the letters. By the same token , so is a car design that doesn’t fill the windscreen with stitches .

We classify our designs as OPEN to make you aware of this fact. Because open areas in the stitching can be very effective at adding extra dimension to a design. For instance , when stitching onto fleece or other napped fabric. In this case the outlined unfilled areas of the design will appear closer and more prominent. Thus, your choice of base fabric can impact considerably on the finished design.

But most importantly , open areas help to keep the stitch count down. And the lower the stitch count , the easier it is to get top quality results. And that’s what we are all looking for !

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