Chevelle SuperSport Embroidery Design

Chevelle SuperSport Embroidery Design


Chevelle Supersport Embroidery Design – 5 sizes included – Instant Download

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This Chevelle Supersport Embroidery Design is top quality and stitches out smoothly every time. It is a simple satin stitch design .  But often when resizing satin designs the corner stitches can change shape. This causes crucial misalignment where one stitch angle meets another. Therefore we optimise the satin width and cornering individually for each design size. That way we know for certain that each size will stitch as intended. Every time.  It also ensures a cleaner, flatter finish.  This is just one example of our rigorous quality control. We aim for perfection.  And we guarantee your satisfaction.  If you have any little problem , just give us a shout and we’ll fix it !

Included here are all 5 sizes of the Chevelle Supersport Embroidery Design .  Check out the attached infocharts for exact dimensions and stitch counts.

You can download your designs by returning to our site immediately after payment. Follow the link “return to BluCat RedDog” . Alternatively , you will also recieve a download link embedded in our confirmation email a few minutes later. The download pack contains our info-chart with color and step details,  plus all the design sizes in the following formats :


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