Corvette Jake C7R Embroidery Design

Corvette Jake C7R Embroidery Design


Corvette Jake C7R Embroidery Design – 7 sizes – Instant Download

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This Corvette Jake C7R embroidery design is a single color silhouette design.  It will stitch out clean and smooth every time. Because we always aim for perfection.  And we guarantee your satisfaction.  If you have any little problem , or you find some little detail missing  , please do give us a shout ! We are always ready and willing to help.

Included here are all 7  sizes of the Corvette Jake C7R Embroidery Design.  This design uses fill stitch throughout with the fabric showing thru in the white spaces.  Designs included range from  1.5 to 5 inches tall.  Check out the attached infocharts for exact dimensions and stitch counts.

You can download your designs by returning to our site immediately after payment. Follow the link “return to BluCat RedDog” . Alternatively , you will also recieve a download link embedded in our confirmation email a few minutes later. The download pack contains our info-chart with color and step details,  plus all the design sizes in the following formats :


We also offer the C7R Lettering as a separate design so you can combine them as you see fit. And while you’re here, why not check out our full  Corvette Collection.



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