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VW Embroidery Logo Set


VW Embroidery Logo Set – 8 sizes Embroidery & Applique Designs – Instant Download

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This VW Embroidery Logo Set  is a composite which includes both fill stitch and applique versions of the Volkswagon logo. And as always , we proofed every size design in the set. Therefore  you can be sure you will get no surprises. Because each design will stitch as intended. This is our guarantee to you.  Because we aim for perfection with every design we make.

The applique version of this design can be used as an outline  , by stitching it directly onto an appropriately colored garment. Or , alternatively , you can avail of the mark out and tack down steps to easily add a base layer applique fabric to your stitch-out. Applique is ideal for this design. On the one hand it keeps the stitch count low. But on the other hand it opens up loads of creative options. Simple applique instructions are included in the download.

Included here are all 8  sizes of the VW Embroidery Logo .  That’s 4 sizes in fill stitch embroidery. Plus 4 sizes in outline / applique. Sizes range from 2 to 6 inches. Check out the attached infocharts for exact dimensions and stitch counts.

You can download your designs by returning to our site immediately after payment. In this case , follow the link “return to BluCatRedDog” . Alternatively , you will also receive a download link embedded in our confirmation email a few minutes later. The download pack contains our info-chart with color and step details,  plus all the design sizes in the following formats :


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