Dr Seuss Fish Embroidery Designs

Dr Seuss Fish Embroidery Designs


Dr Seuss Fish Embroidery & Applique Designs – ONE Fish TWO Fish RED Fish BLUE Fish – 34 design set

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These Dr Seuss Fish Embroidery Designs represent our complete Embroidery Set.  That make this is the very BEST VALUE DEAL of all. Because you get both applique and fill stitch versions of all 4 fabulous Dr. Seuss fish embroidery designs. That’s 34 designs in all!  Check out the attached infocharts for exact dimensions and stitch counts.

The applique version of these designs can be used as an outline  , by stitching it directly onto an appropriately colored garment. Or , alternatively , you can avail of the mark out and tack down steps to easily add a base layer applique fabric to your stitch-out. Applique is ideal for these Dr Seuss designs. On the one hand it keeps the stitch count low. But on the other hand it opens up loads of creative options for big colorful projects. Simple applique instructions are included in the download.

You can use these fish to make all sorts of One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Designs. And you can also  add personalized lettering with our Thing Font . In that case the possibilities are endless !

You can download your designs by returning to our site immediately after payment. Follow the link “return to BluCatRedDog” . Alternatively , you will also receive a download link embedded in our confirmation email a few minutes later. The download pack contains our info-chart with color and step details,  plus all the design sizes in the following formats :


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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Stitch Out

I combined the fish with other designs on Minky fabric. I used tear away stabilizer and water soluble topping, it stitched out perfectly. No stretching or bulking.

One Fish, two fish

I searched online for days to find the perfect Dr. Seuss design, but couldn’t really find anything that was as close to the original artwork. I don’t know how I stumbled across this site (again, I had been searching for days), but this was exactly what I was looking for. After reading reviews and looking closely at stitchouts from previous customers I knew that this was some amazing design work.
I am beyond impressed with how my shirt stitched out. This truly looks like something that I purchased at the Dr. Seuss museum gift shop. I especially liked the fact that everything was proportional to the original artwork. I will definitely be purchasing more designs.

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