Tampa Bay Lightning Embroidery Logo

Tampa Bay Lightning Embroidery Logo


Tampa Bay Lightning Embroidery Logo –  6 sizes included – Instant  Download

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This Tampa Bay Lightning Embroidery Logo is top quality and stitches out smoothly. This is a one colour fill stitch design. The two smallest sizes are simple fill and ceeding stitch. Whereas the 5 larger sizes are finished with satin borders.  We took the time to stitch each size version of this design. That way we can ensure that the tight borders line up properly every time.  This is just one example of our rigorous quality control. We aim for perfection.  And we guarantee your satisfaction.  If you have any little problem , just give us a shout and we’ll fix it !

Included here are all 7  sizes of the Tampa Bay Lightning Embroidery Logo .  Check out the attached infocharts for exact dimensions and stitch counts.

You can download your designs by returning to our site immediately after payment. Follow the link “return to BluCat RedDog” . Alternatively , you will also recieve a download link embedded in our confirmation email a few minutes later. The download pack contains our info-chart with color and step details,  plus all the design sizes in the following formats :


And for Lightning Fans , we also have available the Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup Design 2020.


Customer Reviews

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Fran Shoemaker
Tapa Bay Lightning

Design stitched out great! Hopefully, my Secret Santa recipient feels the same!

Amber Watt
Just Okay

I used the second to smallest size on a knit thermal mens shirt. I made six shirts and encountered the same two problems with each shirt. The density of the lightning bolt was too thin. I had to go over it twice to not see the shirt beneath it. Secondly, when the machine was stitching the two crescents, my thread would break at the same spot each time. I used the same thread and needle size from a previous design and my thread never broke. Something about the angle of the stitch or speed or something else made the thread snap and forced me to retread the needle twice during each shirt.

I'm sorry that you've had these issues with our design. But I must say your shirts really look great in spite of it all ! Well Done !!
With regards the density, this design uses our standard top stitch over a full packing underlay . It's a similar fill stitch with medium density we use in most all of our designs. It works for most people in most circumstances. But if you need any sort of little tweak , like more density or stronger borders, (or indeed if you experience a repeating thread break! ) , we are always available to make quick and free adjustments . Just give us a shout !

Go Bolts

The logo stitched out beautifully. My grandson wanted it to hang in his room. I used the largest size. I will use Blu Cat Red Dog again. I am sorry I do not have a picture. My grandson took it home with him.

Marian S
Exactly what I was looking for

This logo stitched out perfectly. This was my 3rd attempt to find a Tampa Bay Lightning logo that stitched out well, and this one worked like a charm. Where are the other two now that I downloaded from other people? In a folder called Junk!

WOW Marian ... Your key fobs look BRILLIANT ! So happy my design helped !!